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   Safety & Security Laminates

    At Armor Solutions, we provide our customers with a revolutionary security option. By transforming existing window glass into an        affordable layer of first line safety and security protection for students and teachers in schools and academic learning centers as well as     employees in government and commercial facilities.

   Did you know you could potentially stop assailants from gaining entry to your residence, office, schools or place of business by applying our Safety and security laminates to you're existing windows. Our products can also protect you from SEVERE WEATHER, BULLETS, EXPLOSIONS and other potentially violent events.

Armor Solutions provides complete turn key safe rooms for all threat levels , glass and wall protection.(Bullet Proof).


For more information on our safety and security laminate options, please contact Armor Solutions.

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Check Out Our New Product  The Life Bolt , A Security Device For Our School Classrooms.  

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